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Elevate. Upskill. Construct.

Revitalizing Ontario
in Skilled Trades: TBDC Leading the charge

As the region embarks on a significant phase of rebuilding, TBDC stands at the forefront, pioneering innovative strategies and fostering
 a dynamic environment for growth with our Explore Skilled Trades Program
The Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC) is a hub for entrepreneurial growth
in Toronto, offering a wide array of services

to help businesses thrive

A key offering is our Skilled Trades Program, which equips individuals with essential skills

for the modern trades industry. This program combines practical training, mentorship, and support, aligning educational needs with the current labor market's demands
This program, a collaboration between the Ontario Government, TBDC, and partners, aims
to boost the economy and support workers, especially those from racialized
and minority communities

It offers an 8-week pre-apprenticeship training
in construction, free of charge, thanks to full subsidies by the Ontario Government. Graduates will be connected with potential employers
for internships or jobs

Our Objectives

Explore Skilled Trades is focused on objectives
that cater to the economic requirements of Ontario's communities in the aftermath of the pandemic

Facilitate Access to Skilled Tradespeople:

Assist companies in navigating post-pandemic challenges by simplifying the process of seamlessly connecting with proficient tradespeople, ensuring businesses can swiftly recover and thrive

Reduce Non-Monetary Barriers:

Actively minimize and overcome obstacles hindering effective employee-employer matching, addressing logistical, informational, and accessibility challenges in employment connections

Support Disadvantaged Communities:

Provide personalized and tailored aid to those disproportionately impacted by job market changes, offering opportunities for skill development aligned with current market demands

Enhance Job Market Resilience:

Boost the capacity of communities to adapt to rapid changes in the job market, ensuring individuals and businesses alike can navigate shifts in demand and technology with agility and confidence.

Forge Strong Strategic Partnerships:

Establish meaningful collaborations with organizations specializing in training and development, leveraging alliances to expand access to educational resources and vocational training for a broader audience

Promote Skill Development Opportunities:

Act as a bridge between communities and the evolving needs of the job market, facilitating access to training aligning with the latest trends and requirements, thereby ensuring a skilled and adaptable workforce

Success Stories

Serhii I.

You’ve probably grown tired of hearing words of gratitude, but I simply cannot help but express my deepest appreciation to TBDC. Your organization’s assistance during this difficult time for me is truly remarkable. The free training and the certificates I received are gifts from fate. Now I have the opportunity to start a new life and provide for my family.

Caitlin W.

The training proceeded fairly seamlessly, presenting information in an easily comprehensible manner. The user-friendly format, paired with the opportunity to actively practice understanding the material, greatly enhanced the overall learning experience.

Scott J.

I want to thank TBDC for supporting us at the welding program 837 training centre in Grimsby. It’s an 8-week course that provides all positions with CWB certificates.

Katie-Lee M.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Despite missing two weeks of the eight weeks due to personal reasons, I am determined to continue down the path to secure my full apprenticeship. I recommend it to others as I believe it will significantly contribute to their career aspirations.

Anton P.

I want to express my deep gratitude to you and the entire TDBC team for your good deeds and support during a difficult time for me. When I arrived from Ukraine, I felt lost and hopeless. But thanks to your free training, I was able to find not only a job but also a new hope. Thank you for your kind heart and assistance. You have worked miracles for me and many other people.

Jonathan G.

TBDC’s training program was a favourable journey, everything unfolded very smoothly. During the training, we were exposed to various welding methods and practices. The diverse skill set made it a delightful and enriching experience.

Igor Y.

I simply cannot contain my emotions. After all, I have recently arrived from Ukraine, where there is currently war, and words cannot express how grateful I am to you and the entire Toronto Business Development Centre team for the opportunity to attend the free training. It has given me a chance to start a new life in safety.

Mason B.

Truly, TBDC’s training program stands out as one of the greatest construction-based courses I have ever taken. The benefits were substantial, leading me to successfully attain my welding certification, and the instructor was truly exceptional.

Logan D.

TBDC’s program was well-executed. I participated in the welding program and found it to be highly valuable. The duration of 8 weeks proved to be sufficient for acquiring valuable skills in the field. I had the pleasure of being taught by the great instructors.

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