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The demand for skilled trades is higher than ever

What is a skilled Trade?

A skilled trade profession refers to a career that requires specialized training, knowledge, and hands-on abilities in a specific field. The impact of skilled trades is visible everyday in our daily life—be it walking on the street, entering a building, driving on a highway, dining out, or just as simple as turning on a light switch.

Forge your Path Ahead

  • Dynamic Work Environment
  • No Boring Desk Routine
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Visible Results
  • Competitive Salary
  • Diverse Career Opportunities

The Skilled Trades Industry

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In the process of welcoming immigrants, the skilled trades industry takes center stage, contributing to the expansion and enhancement of superior infrastructure and housing in Ontario

Top Trades In Demand


Carpenters craft our world, building everything from homes to cities. They thrive in teams, master precision, and delight in seeing their creations take shape.


Plumbers enjoy designing and repairing complex systems, using logic to ensure the smooth functioning of essential plumbing infrastructure we depend on.


Electricians are crucial to our electrical infrastructure, ensuring smooth operation by inspecting, testing, installing, and updating frameworks powering our lives.

Empower Ontario's Lives

Through innovative and impactful programs helping youth, women, newcomers, and refugees, we've been instrumental in transforming lives, all while enhancing the skills of Ontario's workforce

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Transforming Lives through Skilled Trades